70025 Hurricane Mk I Eastern Front – Limited Edition

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  • Type: Aeropane model kit
  • Medium: plastic and resin
  • Scale: 1/72
  • Remarks: Finnish insignia are included for historical fidelity and are not endorsment of German Nazi ideology. Read more below.

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Early version of the Hurricane Mk I with metal wings. Set contains resin wheels with earl five spoked pattern. Building the kit requires some minor modification of parts, read more in aeroplane history section below.

Camouflage and markings

  • Hurricane Mk I, No HC-452/2, Lt. Ararne Arte, 1/Lentolaivue 10, Utti Airfield, September 1941
  • Hurricane Mk I, No HC-458/8, 2/Lentolaivue 26, Malmi Airfield, March 1943
  • Hurricane Mk I, No 3, pilot  Lt. Av. Horia Agarici, Escadrila 53, Grupul 5 Vânătoare, Mamaia Airfield, June 1941
  • Hurricane Mk I, No 4, pilot Lt. de rezervă Constantin ”Bâzu” Cantacuzino, Escadrila 53, Grupul 5 Vânătoare, Mamaia Airfield, June 1942

East Front Hurricane Mk Is

Designed in 1935 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I was the first modern fighter airplane which was made for the Royal Air Force. It was created by Sydney Camm – the chief designer of the Hawker Siddeley Company.

Although its design was similar to earlier Hawker’s planes (fuselage framework of round tubes and metal and fabric surface), it made great quality change for the Royal Air Force Fighter Command. The most important features were closed cockpit, rectractable undercarriage and big firepower – 8 7.7mm Browning machine guns. Its heart were famous Rolls Royce Merlin II and III engines.

At the beginning of the war, some Hurricane Mk I was also used by some Central European airforces. Just before the war outbreak they were delivered to Romania and manufactured under license in Yugoslavia. Polish ordered aeroplanes were unfortunately too late for September campaign.

During the Winter War 1939-1940, when the Soviet Union invaded Finland, a squadron of Hurricanes was delivered in a hurry there, to be too late to fight. Romanian Hurricanes, including ex-Yugoslav aeroplanes as well as Finnish ones, were used during the invasion of Soviet Union in 1941. They proved successful at the start of a fight, but lack of spare parts limited their use then.

Finnish and Romanian Hurricanes Mk I belonged to initial production series of metal wing variant (a few had fabric-covered wings). They were fitted with early antenna mast, five spoked wheels and they had not an access panel on right side of the fuselage. Building this model please remember to make antenna mast from a pin or fine tubing, and to fit access panel lines with putty and to use resin wheels included.

Legal note on markings

Finnish swastika insignia are in fact not insignia of Nazi totalitarian regime. They are unfortunately quite similar to them. Manufacturer of the kit does not support any totalitarian regime, what is also strictly forbidden by law in the territory of the Republic of Poland. Finnish blue swastika insignias are included in kit to provide historical accurancy of markings only.

In some countries even public exhibition of the finnish insignia may be forbidden by law. Customers from those countries are buying kit on their own resposibility and making purchase they accept to take any legal results of purchase themseves according to following law rules:

  • Ignorantia legis non excusat
  • Volenti non fit iniuria

Arma Hobby is not resposible for any lawful or unlawful, intentional or unintentional use of this product by consumer or third parties as well as for requisition or damage by authorities.


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